All our frames are fitted with lenses that have a blue light filter, also known as Blue light blocking glasses or computer glasses. Our lenses protect your eyes against blue light coming from digital devices such as laptop, smartphone, TV, … By blocking this kind of light, your eyes will get the rest that they deserve.

The overexposure of blue light creates potential side effects such as mental and physical fatigue, eye strain and dry eyes, headaches and migraines and disruption of sleep patterns. 

By wearing the Addeyes blue light blocking glasses, this harmful blue light will be filtered to improve your sleep, maximise your focus and reduce the side effects mentioned above. Overall, it will improve your day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, for those who wear prescription glasses, we’re currently focussing exclusively on blue light blocking glasses without prescription. The possibility for prescription glasses depends on our future plans, but are currently not part of our product. 

Addeyes is an online store, currently we exclusively sell our products online. We would like to offer our clients the possibility to make a reservation for a fitting moment. By sending us a message, we can discuss a possible date that fits for both of us. The fitting moment will take place at Hemiksem. Another location is possible on your request.

We offer a standard delivery for € 3,50. Do you rather choose to pick up your order at our office (Hemiksem, Belgium), you can contact us through e-mail or social media for more information.